Construction can refer to the building of factories, and the construction industry. Both are reliant on each other though.

Construction Industry Edit

The Construction Industry is the amount of people employed in your country under construction based jobs. The industry relies on new orders given by either private contractors or the government. Improvements to Infrastructure, Maintaining and building factories fall under the industry's umbrella.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure is what keeps your country running. With no infrastructure, people can't get to where they need to go, supply and moving of the army become much harder without it. To either maintain or to build new infrastructure, the government needs to either hire a private contractor or publicly fund the construction industry to complete the assigned bill.

Factories Edit

Factories need to be built, maintained and repaired. The construction industry is responsible for all these tasks, either under the government of a private contractor.

Results Edit

The Construction Industry (CI) can be broken down into 10 tiers, with each tier better than the one before it.

Tier 1 Edit

A Tier 1 CI completes tasks very slowly. The lowest possible construction output. Very few nations start with this low of Tier. The construction of everything takes 250% longer than its listed time. For example, an 8 month project takes 28 months in Tier 1.

Tier 2 Edit

A Tier 2 CI completes tasks slightly faster than Tier 1 but still takes three times the amount of time listed. Few nations start with Tier 2 CI. For example, an 8 month project takes 24 under tier 2.

Tier 3 Edit

A Tier 3 CI completes tasks 2.5x slower than normal. Few Nations start with Tier 3. An example would be an 8 month project taking 20 months.

Tier 4 Edit

Tier 4 CI takes 2x as long as listed. Some nations start with T4 CI. An 8 month project takes 16 months.

Tier 5 Edit

Tier 5 CI takes 1.5x as long for projects to be completed. 8 months turns into 12 months.

Tier 6 Edit

Tier 6 is the average tier. Projects take the time that they are listed as. 8 month project stays 8 months

Tier 7 Edit

Tier 7 is the first of the First World Tiers. CI takes 1.15x faster to complete. Meaning 8 months takes 6.8 months.

Tier 8 Edit

Tier 8 is your average first world country CI. All projects are 1.25x faster. 8 month project takes 6 months.

Tier 9 Edit

The 1st super tier and very few countries have it. Takes 1.35x faster to complete projects. 8 months to 5.2 months.

Tier 10 Edit

The most powerful CI. Takes 1.5x faster. 8 to 4 months.