Largest city in British Columbia with 603k inhabitants. However, the metro area holds about 2.463 million people, this includes Surrey though. The city is the western end to the Trans-Canada Highway and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Vancouver port generates about $10 billion dollars in GDP. The public transit system, nicknamed the SkyTrain, services the majority of Vancouver's metro area, focusing on getting people to downtown Vancouver and back. SkyTrain is owned by TransLink. The Pacific Line, operated by Via Rail, offers rail transportation between Vancouver, Seattle (Washington), and Portland (Oregon). The Vancouver International Airport services cities from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia. It is called the gateway to the west and holds the place for the 9th best airport in the world. The 11 seat city council runs the city along with the 7 member school board and 5 member community board. They are reelected every 3 years. Illegal immigration and drug use are hot topics for the city.